Greedo Dining Commercial

A stylish Hampshire bistro channels homely feel thanks to new All-in-One HydroTap

The brief
Greedo Dining Commercial

Owners of English bistro Greedo Dining were after an edgy yet intimate aesthetic for their restaurant. Designer Gemma Moore was brought on board to make sure every detail matched the brief.

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Our solution

The owners of Greedo Dining called on Gemma Moore, from Moore Design Associates (MDA) to create the unique look they were after, with two HydroTaps to match.

Greedo Dining Commercial - Our Solution

Opened in 2017, contemporary English bistro Greedo Dining sits in the heart of Lymington’s highstreet in Hampshire. Serving fresh, local produce in an intimate setting, the restaurant’s unique and polished decor was the brainchild of Gemma Moore, interior designer at Moore Design Associates (MDA). While MDA specialises in residential interior architecture and design remodelling, Gemma was approached by Greedo’s owners for the refurb having worked for them previously. “I’ve designed a number of residential properties for the owners, so already had a great understanding of their taste in interiors,” says Gemma, who has over ten years’ experience in all aspects of interiors, furniture design and project management. For this particular project – a two-storey building encasing a long, narrow interior – the client’s style vision was ‘1950s Poland’. As well as incorporating Polish mid-century influences into a working brief, the restaurant needed to be edgy and contemporary, while also being personable and relaxed; so that it felt like a home. “The upstairs space seats just 30 diners, so achieving enough flexibility for different events while retaining that intimate, homely feel was key. To do this, we used lots of warm metallic finishes and made everything bespoke, including copper-wrapped tables that can be bolted in different places, stackable chairs and a pod that folds up,” she explains. Another part of balancing a flexible working restaurant space with a residential look was down to the choice of appliances. “The owners didn’t want a kettle, big commercial appliances or bottles of still and sparkling water on display; there needed to be no clutter with more of a personal vibe,” says Gemma, who as an alternative decided to install two HydroTaps. “We specify them a lot in residential projects and have a HydroTap Arc in the studio here, which we all absolutely love, so I was happy to recommend. “For the staff’s use, we put in a HydroTap All-in-One in chrome upstairs in the restaurant. We designed a 1950s kitchenette cupboard to conceal the unit and make it look more like a residential space. This sits in the middle of the restaurant for easy access. Staff can serve filtered chilled or sparkling water, and use the instant boiling water to make simple hot drinks – just quality coffee and tea, nothing too pretentious or overly complicated. Again, channelling that feeling like you’re at home.” Gemma applied this same approach to the design of the lower floor, where Greedo holds private and pop-up evening events, re-defining the space with creative interiors and bespoke cabinetry, including a TV and self-service bar. “Here we decided to put in another HydroTap, dispensing filtered chilled and sparkling water, but we wanted this one on display so that customers can serve themselves drinks straight from the tap. Being visible, it needed to be pretty, so we went for an Arc design in brushed gold, but ensured it was commercial specified unit.” Overall, the project took around five months and saw a host of specialists work on the space, bespoke furniture and appliance installation. The finished restaurant is both timeless and intimate – a true reflection of the owners’ vision.

Greedo Dining Commercial - Testimonial by Greedo Dining Commercial
The results

"A HydroTap All-in-One in chrome in the restaurant is great for channelling that feeling like you’re at home."

Greedo Dining Commercial , Greedo Dining
Greedo Dining

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