Ian Haste

For YouTube culinary star, Ian Haste, his Zip HydroTap is ‘a real game changer’.

The brief
Ian Haste

After having a Zip HydroTap Arc fitted in his family home, founder and presenter of popular YouTube channel ‘Haste’s Kitchen’, Ian Haste knew it would be essential to have a second HydroTap installed in his new high specification studio kitchen.

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Our solution

Ian Haste’s new bespoke kitchen needed a luxury instant boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water tap to match and the HydroTap in brushed gold fit the bill perfectly.

Ian Haste - Our Solution

When Ian Haste gave up the daily commute to London to start a family in rural Norfolk he knew he wanted to create a channel where he could encourage an audience to create healthy, nutritious meals for the whole family. Ian hails from a gastro pub background and spent his teenage years cooking in various Norfolk pubs, before earning his title as head chef. This gave him the relevant experience and food knowledge needed to create Haste’s Kitchen. In 2014, he started making YouTube videos, presenting his easy-to-follow recipes that spread his 80/20 healthy lifestyle message. Not only was this a way to unite his passion for good, healthy food within his home, it also was the start of a successful career in social media. In the spring of 2017 Ian Haste had a brand new, bespoke kitchen fitted in his barn to use as a separate film studio for his YouTube channel ‘Haste’s Kitchen’. After having the Zip HydroTap Arc installed within his own family kitchen the year before, Ian knew it would be essential to have another one in his new studio kitchen. For the studio kitchen, the new HydroTap needed to fit the high spec. design of the kitchen.On trend and perfectly suited to the reclaimed slate and wood units of his bespoke kitchen, the brushed gold HydroTap provided the exact finish Ian was looking for, matching the metallic accents of the room and creating a striking centre piece to the worktop. All at the same time as being an extraordinarily practical asset for the hard-working chef. ‘A Zip HydroTap located close to the stove is a real game changer.’ Says Ian, ‘I can have instant boiling water and be poaching eggs in seconds, add sparkling water to a tempura batter and my family and I love the taste of the filtered chilled and sparkling water – all other water now tastes horrible!’ After having had a Zip HydroTap in the family home for a year already, Ian knew that it was in keeping with his aim to encourage a healthy lifestyle. This was important, not only for his viewers, but for his family as well. ‘The Zip HydroTap is a must have, not only from a cooking perspective, but it’s so important to keep the family hydrated. To encourage the children to drink more water and less sugary fizzy pop, we add fruit - such as strawberries or blueberries - to the filtered sparkling water from our Zip HydroTap. The sparkling water gives you a stronger infused flavour, so it tastes incredible and means we all tend to drink more.’ The safety button feature available on Zip HydroTaps makes them particularly accessible for the family home; it’s another measure in place to prevent little fingers getting scalded. For Ian, the Zip HydroTap has been instrumental in bringing together all his passions. It is an appliance which works beautifully within the family home, as well as practically in a commercial kitchen setting.

Ian Haste - Testimonial by Ian Haste
The results

"A Zip HydroTap Arc located close to the stove is a real game changer."

Ian Haste , Chef
Haste's Kitchen

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